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Thors Hammer Lamp

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Unique Designer - light sculpture! NEW! Wall lamp - lamp Thors Hammer - handmade Thors Hammer !

The actual value is 2500 euros ! On request and to order - in other materials - shapes and colors! Built by a very extravagant and futuristic artists and designers ! The light object is of an incredible elegance and cool charisma ! You can see the photos - that speak for themselves ! This wall lamp is made to order and was made by hand by the artist and designer! The dimensions above are cir . 84 cm - the side length cir . 92 cm - page height is cir . 10 cm - the total weight is cir . 20 kg ! The hammer weighs cir . 4.5 kg is thick-walled and also filled - thus it can be much harder ! The hammer can also be taken out of the holder ! There were top left and right 2 installed recessed spots ! The interior of the triangular shape is also equipped with lighting - then the lights on the outside ! The light object was made of metal - made of steel and is thick-walled ! Accordingly, small bumps and possible material textures , wall lamp , surely clear and can not be excluded ! In the lower part , in cir . Chain center - is in Great chrome letters of the name - THOR ! ! The whole object and the hammer were sealed with 5 layers of clear coat ! ALL MATERIALS ARE NEW ! Here you have the opportunity to acquire a unique and very extravagant designer pieces! We point out that this light object is protected by law in the name of the artist and designer! Each note of the experiment to create one copy will be prosecuted by us - by all instances ! We have the love to take care of good lawyers are those cases !


Thors Hammer Mjolnir

Thor is probably the most revered god of Germanic, Nordic peoples. He is the patron god of the common people and the peasants. Current membership of the peasantry is still further strengthened, that's his wife Sif, the goddess of fertile arable land and her golden hair is the golden color of the grain.

Thor, which protects the goddesses and gods fighting the giants and the ever ausbügelt ultimately the infamous Loki is! His most powerful weapon is the hammer Mjolnir and the hammer was his symbol! But not only the giants threaten the gods of Asgard. The Midgard Serpent, one of the children of Loki, Thors special enemy. Twice he confronts her. In the final battle, Ragnarök when he can indeed killed, but he himself dies in this duel to the venom of the snake!

But unfortunately we live in a time in which this symbol is used again by people who neither know the Norse mythology, yet they understand. Even once the hammer has been stolen by the giant Thrym. The Giants symbolize the chaos and violence. And again it is the Thrymrgezücht wants to acquire the hammer. There are the neo-Nazis who follow them again, the ever brought the chaos and violence on us. Try the hammer to its icon to make and remember it does not, as they incur the wrath of the Thunderer up.

Their spiritual forefathers, the founders of the so-called millennial kingdom have already entered into the dirt, the sacred symbols of the Norse-Germanic world. You use the Holy runes for their nefarious badge, they stained the Swastika, the symbol of life, destroyed by the blood of millions of innocent people and they were for this heinous crime of the gods.

But the poison of the serpent Midgard eats again in the heads and again the Jötunnen want the hammer of Thor. We therefore leave our symbols not the chaos and violence, these figments of Midgard serpent that even the audacity to call themselves German!

Thors Hammer Ho

Mystery solved Thors Hammer

As proven by the hammer-shaped amulet found on the island of Lolland. It dates from the 10th century. Chr., And bears the runic inscription »Hmar x is" what could be translated by the researchers as "This is a hammer." The amulet is made of bronze and was probably covered with silver, tin and gold. It shows that the myth of the Hammer of God

Since its discovery centuries ago, researchers have hypothesized that the hammer of the thunder god Thor was represented on the more than 1,000 Viking amulets, which were found in northern Europe. Now it has been discovered on the island of Lolland in Denmark Købelev an amulet, which can solve the puzzle finally, whether it is in fact the Hammer of Thor.

In the collection of Nordic myths "Edda" Thors Hammer "Mjolnir" is named and described as a powerful weapon. He owned the property that he, when he was thrown, never missed his target and returned again and again in the hand of the thrower. Besides, he could be out by Thor. The hammer was also a life-giving source of fertility, renewal and happiness are indeed used to be destructive.

Due to many archeological finds it has been assumed that the T-shaped representation of the amulets found Thors hammer to symbolize God. The Vikings believed that he granted them protection - but proved it was not because they found no evidence. But now, this theory seems to be confirmed.

Thor has strongly influenced the Viking Jewellery

Thors hammer is stolen

As Thors hammer Mjolnir, which was so important for the safety of Asgard, when stolen, the god had to dress up as a giant to retrieve him. The company was risky, but with a ruse succeeded Thor to retrieve Mjolnir.

When Thor discovered that his hammer was no longer there, he trembled with rage, woke Loki and told him the terrible news with. "Come on," urged him Loki and led him to Freyja.

They asked the goddess, their ability to lend them, to change into a spring and so to fly over the earth. "I would give anything, even if it is gold and silver. Everything possible to recover Mjölnir" Freyja said.

Loki flew away and found Thrym, the Giant King. "Have you hidden Thors hammer?" asked Loki. "Yes," said Thrym, "I have eight fathoms deep hid it in the earth and no one should have it, unless I get Freya to wife."

As Loki and Thor Freyja mitt rushed that they would Thrym marry her, she hissed in anger. Worried called on the gods a meeting to discuss the dangerous situation. When Thrym Freyja did not want to marry, as they should then get the hammer? Since Heimdall had an idea: "Let us put Thor in wedding dresses and send him instead to Thrym Freyja." Thor protested, but Loki reminded him of the fate of Asgard threatened that if he did not cooperate. So Thor was put on wedding dresses, plus he put Freyja's necklace Brisingamen around and wrapped herself from head to toe in a veil. Loki agreed to accompany him disguised as a maid.

Thrym was delighted when he saw Freyja, and had prepared a great wedding feast. Thor easily devoured an entire ox, eight salmon and everything intended for the giantesses pastries, plus he drank three horns with mead. Thrym was shocked, because he had never seen a girl with a giant so intemperate appetite. "Freyja has long eaten out of sheer longing for huge country eight days and nights, nor drunk," said Loki. Thrym was delighted and wanted the bride finally give a kiss, but he recoiled in horror. "Why flame Freyja's eyes so wild?" he gasped. And Loki knew back a reply: "Freyja has sheer longing eight nights not slept a wink after huge country."

Thrym was satisfied and wanted to be married to Freyja finally. He ordered them to bring Thors hammer with which the couple should be ordained. Mjolnir was brought out of hiding and put the bride on the lap. Thor jumped up, grabbed Mjolnir and tore down the veil. He killed all the giants in the hall, and the first place it hit

1000 years old Thors hammer, found in Skåne

Thors weapon is a hammer that is called Mjolnir was forged and albums. If he throws it at his enemies, he returns like a boomerang back into his hand. With his hammer Thor fights but not only, but also dedicates so everything is worthy of protection, eg the couples at the wedding, the saying of the judge, the libation or the runes which can scratches. He called protector, consecration Santander.

Widespread was the custom, images Thors hammer or its symbol, the hammer to carve into the support beams of the houses. The Islands settlers broke mostly from their old homes and took them to their new home with. As soon as their ships arrived in onshore flow, they threw the support beams with Thor image overboard. Then they saw where the current was the bar, and settled there, "where Thor had gone ashore."

Thor calls you in all things, where people need divine protection and must be strong and self-assertive, but also as a consecration to God, if you consecrate runes, cult places, people and animals, the fields or important actions, ie want to load with divine power and protect against harmful influences. For this one makes the Hammer character by drawing a upside-down T in the air or on the things you want to dedicate. In this form, showing the hammer, as well as in the Thors hammers that we wear as amulets and identification, as an expression of peaceful intent with the iron down.

These Thors hammers are old protection amulets, but were already in the Viking Age, as a counter-symbol to the Christian cross, the emblem of the heathen, and thus a symbol of conscious paganism.

The Thors Hammer - as a symbol

The magical lightning hammer Mjolnir, guards with Thor in the myths gods and men before their enemies, is a traditional protective amulet in the Viking Age, when the Christians umhängten crosses, became conspicuous symbol of loyalty to the gods (Ásatrú). Therefore Thor hammer amulets are worn as a sign of belonging to paganism today. You are stylizations of the mythical hammer with "too short geratenem stalk" and were always worn already in the "Peace direction" with the hammer iron down. Taken in hand, they can also be used for ritual acts such as hammer-ritual. Some pagans also have larger Thors hammers they use for such rituals.

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