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The standard features of the vehicle are an armored body and a very powerful engine, often with a rocket motor for extra power. Various auxiliary systems increase the maneuverability and the vehicle are mounted weapons to make other vehicles harmless or remove obstacles. In addition, there is a computer in the vehicle, which is connected to the main computer in the Bat Cave, a remote control and a small helicopter that is stored in the trunk.

Originally drove Batman in the comics a simple red automobile with no special features. This version appeared in Batman # 5 in the spring of 1941 Since then, the design of the car changed piecemeal, starting with a bat emblem on the hood, which was getting bigger and the paintwork of the vehicle, which was changed to black.

The most distinctive designs that have been preserved over time, were the length of the vehicle, the dark colors and often large tailfins that were shaped like the wings of a bat.

Although the vehicles for the films were each built for this purpose, the most famous Batmobile began (from the TV series of 1966) its existence as a concept car called the Lincoln Futura for one, which was built about a decade earlier. The famous movie car designer George Barris took the job, but gave it due to capacity problems at Dean Jeffries on, who completed the vehicle within just three weeks. He painted the car black, added bat-like designs and built several identical vehicles, depending on what was required for rotation. Barris retained the original car, and at least one of the replicas survived in the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois.

Later versions of the Batmobile was built on the extended chassis of the GM F-Bodies (Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird). The model was used in the two Tim Burton Batman movies turned. This long, lean design was later used in the animated series of Batman. Here, the vehicle was inspired by the art deco design of the movies. In 1995, as the Batman movies to Joel Schumacher went, the design of the Batmobile became increasingly dissonant. For example, decorative lights came to the front and to the wing-shaped tailfins protruded further up. Batman Forever was originally supposed to get a vehicle on a design by HR Giger, but Giger got out of the project, as Warner Brothers rejected his design.

The Batmobile in the 2005 film Batman Begins adheres more to the armor-like vehicle from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, as the sleek automobiles in the previous films. The production designer of the film described the machine as a cross between a Lamborghini and a Hummer. But it also contains features that were unmistakably derived from the F-117 stealth bomber. In this movie, Bruce Wayne modifies (= Batman) as "the Tumbler" designated military vehicle and not referred to the car in the movie as a "Batmobile". In The Dark Knight, the vehicle is the so-called Batpod as Bruce Wayne's Batmobile stuck in a car chase.

Six Batmobile for one particular purpose were built for this film. Two normal mobile Batmobile built for exterior shots, a life-size model with hydraulics for jump scenes, a life-size model with propane tanks to produce the "rocket-jet", an electrically powered vehicle for studio recordings and one about 2:00 m long model when the car was in the air.

The rocket nozzle of the vehicles should give an extra boost in the film the vehicle. But the nozzle was only a special effect, and none of the film was incorporated in the Batmobile a turbine or rocket. All wheeled vehicles were powered by a 5.7​​-liter Chevy engine, except for the version of the Nolan films, which was operated by a 5.0 liter Vauxhall / GM engine. For more information about the Tumbler from the Nolan films see also Batmobile!



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