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Unique design - light sculpture!

Medusa Wall lamp - Designed and built by me!


The light object was made of metal and has an incredible elegance and cool charisma!

You see the pictures of the wall light - which speaks for itself!

The diameter of the medusa wall lamp is 80 cm and the weight of about 20 kg!

The cover of a wall light with the mask is removable - behind the cable, connectors, ports, etc. are

This Medusa Ceiling and wall lamp is individually made by me and is made by hand!

Accordingly, small bumps and possible material textures, wall support, surely clear and can not be excluded!


The flexible light arms of the wall lamp can be switched using a switch on and off - the lighting of the eyes, nose and mouth (in red)

be turned on separately!

Here you have the possibility to acquire a unique and very extravagant designer pieces a wall sconce!

I point out that this light object is copyrighted in my name!

Each note of the experiment is to make a copy of mine prosecuted - in all instances!

We have good lawyers who will be happy to such cases!

If required, other productions possible - increase, decrease, or in paint and other materials.


It was said Medusa had once been a beautiful young woman, in the Lower nobody falls in love as Poseidon, the sea ruler and Earthshaker habe.Leichtsinnigerweise enjoyed the lovers, God and demon in the temple of Athena on the Acropolis of Athen.dadurch made Medusa is the virgin goddess of fierce enemy.

This cursed them and made ​​them into a horrible creature with a long tongue that it hung from his mouth, the tusks of a boar, bronze hands, golden wings and Schlangenhaaren.Doch so was Athena's wrath is not erschöpft.Die opportunity to have their revenge savor to the end, she got through a bravado of the young hero Perseus.Perseus, one of the mortal sons of Zeus, was living with his beautiful mother Danae on the island Seriphos.Polydektes king of Seriphos, coveted Danae to wife, but this thought no intention of heiraten.Der young Perseus protected him from the snares of unwillkommenden Verehres.Polydektes was now facing, he would stop at the hand of another princess, and asked the young men of good family to give him each a horse, so that he as matchmakers make a good impression, because Seriphos is a small island, and the king was not particularly rich.

All that he said, promised him the requested horse, only Perseus had keines.Doch he boldly asserted that he would open up to him when he courted only to another as his mother, any desired gift procure-even if the main Medusa be müsste.Natürlich took him immediately to the Polydektes Wort.Eine better way, there was not that pesky protector of Danae loszuwerden.Perseus had no idea where he found Medusa, let alone how he overwhelm sollte.Doch Athena, old enemy of DämoninSie gave him a shiny bronze shield, her brother Hermes gave to a diamond sickle., hurried him with good advice to Hilfe.Dann sent Perseus to the distant Atlas Mountains, where in a cave the Graiai lived, that is to say "the horror" two old women, the female demons and thus close relatives of the Medusa were themselves.

This should tell him how he can find and kill Medusa könne.Natürlich the two did not give the desired voluntarily Auskunft.Aber perseus knew, as he put pressure konnte.Sie owned jointly namely only a single eye and a single Zahn.Als they exchanged her eye just among themselves it stolen Perseus and made ​​it clear that they only wiederbekämen when she left him to answer questions stünden.Was the old choice but to tell him what they said wußten.Sie him where Medusa but find war.Sie sent him previously to nymphs who guarded the things he needed: gefügelte sandals, a bag in which he could store the dangerous head of Medusa, and a Tarnkappe.Mit help of the wings shoes reached the courageous hero then in flight the whereabouts of the Dämonin.Schon from the air, he realized that he had found him, because the whole area was covered with petrified people and Tieren.Glücklicherweise slept Medusa gerade.Perseus approached her, calling them directly, but only in the mirror his shining shield ansah.Mit help this and the diamonds sickle he succeeded, Medusa with a match to enthaupten.Medusa but was pregnant by Poseidon, as Perseus killed, and himself a hero as he must have been pretty shocked when her body the winged horse Pegasus and the giant Chrysaor entsprangen.Er tucked his head quickly into the bag and set of dannen.Nur his stealth he owed it that Stheno and Euryale, the sisters of Medusa could not follow him.

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