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Designer Light Sculpture - Huge bull head wall lamp!

Handmade .

Bull head - Bullneck Designer Art Wall lamp - Taurus - El Toro - Crete - Minotaur - Minos - Greece - Greece - Greek - Taurus - Tawros - Ares

Span cir . 122 cm - the horns are to be screwed ! Built by a very extravagant and futuristic artists and designers ! This bull's head - wall lamp is made of metal – made of steel and is NEW! The illumination is provided by a E27 - Saving Lamp The light object is of an incredible elegance and cool charisma ! You can see the photos - that speak for themselves. This bull's head - wall lamp is made to order and was made by hand by the artist and designer! Accordingly, small bumps and possible material textures , wall lamp , surely clear and not excludable .She was treated against rust and sealed ! If desired, other production is possible - in color - stainless steel - even bigger etc! The eyes light up in blood red - and the inside of the bull's head was painted black - with diamond / shiny effect! All material Lien are new. Here you have the opportunity to acquire a unique and very extravagant designer pieces! We point out that this light object protected legally in the name of the artist and designer!


Theseus and the Minotaur !

The Minotaur (Greek Μινώταυρος) is a hybrid creature from Greek mythology with a human body and the head of a bull. The Minotaur Sage is in close contact with other legends, such as the Sage of Europe, the Daedalus-Sage and the Theseus legend.

The Minotaur legend, Minos, son of Zeus and Europe, along with his two brothers Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon of Asterios, king of Crete, had been adopted after the latter had married with Europe. About the question of who should succeed as king Asterios, the three brothers got into a dispute. Minos called Poseidon for help and promised whatever appeared from the sea to sacrifice him. Since Poseidon was the Cretan bull emerge from the waves and therefore the dispute between the brothers was decided. Minos became king. Yet he had found such pleasure in the magnificent bull that he hid it in his flock and let sacrifice another animal. Poseidon did not escape the punishment for fraud and he caused Minos's wife Pasiphae in the insatiable desire to mate with the bull. From Daidalos they had to build an elaborate, coated with cowhide scaffold into which they slipped inside and was inseminated by the bull. Soon after, she gave birth to the Minotaur. Minos wanted to kill this monster, but his daughter Ariadne begged him to spare his life. So Minos him made by Daedalus, a prison in the form of a labyrinth built.

"Daedalus goes ... to Crete Minos., Where a monster, the Minotaur. Minotaur is in contrast to the Sphinx. Minotaur has a bull's head with a human body, the Sphinx has a human head with animal body. Minotaur to be inhibited . in its devastating effects Daedalus to banish him, that he can, by building him a labyrinth Minotaur must be nourished with people all nine years will have to give seven youths and seven maidens to be sacrificed is with the Minotaur legend Theseus... saga in conjunction. Theseus was the son of Ageus. latter had determined that Theseus should bring out the sword and sandals under a large piece of rock, which his father had hidden there. after Theseus had done different in Athens, he went to Crete, to overcome the Minotaur and rid the city of Athens from the delivery of seven youths and seven maidens.

"The Athenians had been forced by the Cretan king Minos to supply him with all eight [1] years seven boys and seven girls. These were the Minotaur, a fearsome monster, thrown as food. As the third time leave the sad mission to Crete should, pulled the Königssöhn Theseus. When he arrived in Crete, Ariadne, the king Minos took his own daughter, his on. Minotaur lived in the labyrinth, a maze from which no one could figure out who was get into. Theseus wanted his hometown rid of the shameful tribute he had in the maze, in which the monster loot was thrown he wanted to kill the Minotaur he undertook this task,..., he overcame the terrible enemy and came back outside with the help of a thread snarls which had given him Ariadne.

"Man is the sensibility as an enemy monster over. He offers her the fruits of his personality. Engulfs them. She does it so long, wakes up in man the conqueror (Theseus). His knowledge spins him the thread, he by the citizens find their way back when he goes into the maze of sensuality to kill his enemy. the mystery of human knowledge itself is pronounced in this overcoming of sensuality. the mystic knows that mystery.

Following on from the Daedalus-Sage Steiner is still a deeper explanation. The Minotaur thus represents the forces of black magic. Daedalus can banish him into the maze, because the wisdom of the Atlantean Mysteries it was still accessible, where one could still deal with these forces.

"Daedalus was what was harmful in Crete, ban, because he was known to the Atlantic life. In the Minotaur we got to see the representatives of black magic in Crete. That should stop now. Now the Athenians no longer want the seven Send youths and seven maidens to Crete. the ship of Theseus went out with black sails. He wanted to overcome the Minotaur, a white sail hoist instead of the previous black. the black magic should be white. with the help of the thread of Ariadne, Theseus succeed company, and he returns to Athens, [but he forgot to put the white sails]., but the Greeks were not so far that they were of the white path completely worthy. love should reign in Ariadne's thread. however, it is in those time already on Christianity as hinted that the principle of love - Ariadne - is robbed by Bacchus, who has not yet developed this principle, which is to be spread by Christianity. Theseus was regarded as Hercules as a hero !


We point out that this design object is protected by law in the name of the artist and designer !

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