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I'm allround Designer, Greek and Resident in Greece & Germany.
I'm concerned for many years with all kind of art and Design so far I mode drafts made, when mode designer arranges worked, interiors, sculpture, for model construction, architectural designs operated made already, furniture sketched and built, in the building of bodies was active(see the black car with twin-wheels), me engaged in project groups, i made posters, visiting cards, stickers, emblems and designs- also with industrial design has I very employ-relating to crafts. I can much of which I sketch alsi into the reality shifting. One of my projects here was the draft and change of several sports.
I woult to find a Headhunnter(Manager)who manage me as Designer.
Who found for me Design Jobs?

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These photos is Koons - widebody Nova/Sterling project in what I believe is an earlier stage of the project. More details on the dramatic (to say the least!) car are in the previous entry. Do be sure to check out his website for more of his automotive projects, as well as his other non-car design work

Koon’s Widebody Nova Project

Shannon Larratt

I quite like the wild widebody conversion from Koon Design in Germany has done with his Nova/Sterling. He bought the car back in 1993, and first upgraded the engine, swapping the little Beetle engine for a 220HP 2.8L V6 and strengthening the chassis. Later he stretched the body by almost a foot, and built absolutely massive fender flares as well as adding other minor tweaks like a remote-control hatch. The car has been through a number of iterations with a variety of scoops, wings, and effects.

Definitely looks right out of some post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, especially with the matte-black paint job and excess of vents.

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